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Our story

Campus Moragete is an educational complex dedicated to extracurricular activities. Our complex, situated in the Natural Park ‘‘Hoces del Cabriel’’ is the realization of the Ramos Martinez family’s dream; a place designed for children to learn English while having a unique experience and making amazing memories. We developed our English activities with the focus of interaction and innovation in mind, all the while applying the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) second language acquisition method. Our activities comprise roleplays, debates and games. We also offer a variety of multiadventure, athletics and nature-focused activities. Indubitatly, it is the combination of authentic learning and fun that was the key to our growth in such a short amount of time. This also meant expanding our facilities, moving from a capacity of 80 people to one of 320 people. This year, Campus Moragete was proud to work with over 600 schools all over Spain.