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The Claustro-Hotel


Our ‘‘claustro’’, a newly-built hotel for visiting teachers, has single, double, triple and quadruple occupancy rooms. The rooms are cleaned daily and all have a private bathroom which includes a shower. Wi-Fi is also available in the hotel! We insist on creating a warm, serene and welcoming environment so that our clients feel right at home. After a day immersed in the breathtaking nature of Campus Moragete, it is primordial to rest and recover!

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   32 rooms of 24m2    Wi-Fi
   Double occupation    Cleaning service
   Private bathroom
   Sheets and towels
changed daily

The dorms


Not only is our campus one of the largest in Spain in terms of surface, but it is one of the biggest in terms of accommodation capacity. This way, we can host our students in a comfortable manner. The dorms all have showers and bathrooms. Moreover, in the dorms where children of twelve years old and under sleep, a monitor stays in the room for safety reasons.

  • 2 dorms of 40 beds each
  • 3 rooms of 8 beds
  • 2 dorms of 20 and 22 beds
  • 1 room of 16 beds
  • 31 rooms of four beds
  • 1 room of ten beds
  • 3 attic-style rooms of 8 beds each
  • 4 rooms of two beds
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       15 dorms    Lockers
       320 beds    Cleaning service
       A monitor always sleeps
    in the dorm with children who
    are younger than 12 years old.