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"Last year, my son went, and this year, my daughter will go. He loved it. Pure nature. English with native speakers. Non-stop activities. Excellent food. And most of all, how fun it was."


"My eleven-year-old son David had a marvelous experience last year in Moragete. As parents, what we liked most was how well the staff treated the children and the parents alike. We were able to drop off our child in an entirely new place with complete peace of mind. Thank you for offering this opportunity."


"My three children went to Moragete. It's a place immersed in nature with facilities of a high quality. Other camps cannot compare to Moragete. It's a place where you can learn while having fun. Amelia and Antonio go to extreme lengths so that the children feel right at home; which is something that we appreciate as parents."


"I'd like to thank Campus Moragete (monitors, teachers, cooks...) for creating such an amazing place where you can learn and practice English while enjoying nature."


"I would highly recommend it. The learning, the entire experience, and especially the family, who, above anything, is this entire project. They have the will and passion to teach, in a really fun way."

"Congratulations Amelia and the family... You are amazing."

-Maria Jose

"For my daughter, it was an unforgettable experience. So much so that she would like to go back this year. They have fun and learn. The team is fabulous and makes us feel that our kids are safe."


"My niece stayed at Campus Moragete for a week, and I still remember the day when we went to drop her off for the first time. It was four years ago, and my niece Alba is still waiting on summer to come so that she can go to Moragete. "

"You are an amazing team of professionals. You know what to do so that kids enjoy and learn at the same time; which is not an easy task! Congratulations and cheers to many years to come!"


"My daughters have been going for two weeks for the past four years. It has been an unforgettable experience, so much so that we recommended it to many people who brought their own children. It is a way of learning English and relying on one's self by being away from home, yet without needing to leave Spain altogether."

-Rosa Maria

"I am a teacher and went to Moragete with my sixth-graders for a week. They had an amazing time and learned a lot. The family (Antonio, Amelia mother and daughter, Rut and Toni) treated us fantastically. They are true professionals and they're also really sympathetic people. This is among the best I've seen in my twenty years as a teacher. Highly recommend; 100%!"


"This is the best camp my daughters attended! They learned English while having fun. Ever since they came back, they've been asking when they'll be going again. Excellent service and great facilities. 10 out of 10!"


Campus Moragete

A day in Moragete

This video was filmed in Campus Moragete. We wanted to show rather than tell the concept ''Experience Moragete'', more precisely through the various activities and the unique experience one gets to live in Moragete, on a daily basis.